Vol 19, No 5

C/2015 O1: A long-period comet with photometric observations

Xuan Zhang, Jin-Zhong Liu, Ya-Hui Wang, Li-Na Lu


Abstract In this work, we report the observations of the long-period comet C/2015 O1 performed on 2018 January 29–30 and April 13 with the Nanshan 1-meter wide-field telescope operated by Xinjiang Astronomical Observatory. We obtain the morphological features of C/2015 O1 using an image enhancement method, and calculate the dust-activity parameter Afρ and the coma color based on photometric analysis. An obvious fan-shaped structure was observed at different observation times. We find that the activity of C/2015 O1 gradually decreases as the comet advances toward perihelion and the observed B − V and V − R colors are consistent with those of other comets.


Keywords comets: general — comets: individual (C/2015 O1)

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