Vol 19, No 5

Magnetic flux participation in solar surface magnetism during solar cycle 24

Chun-Lan Jin, Jing-Xiu Wang


Abstract This study aims at investigating surface magnetic flux participation among different types of magnetic features during solar cycle 24. State-of-the-art observations from SDO/HMI and Hinode/SOT are combined to form a unique database in the interval from April 2010 to October 2015. Unlike previous studies, the statistics presented in this paper are feature-detection-based. More than 20 million magnetic features with relatively large scale, such as sunspot/pore cases, and enhanced and quiet networks, are automatically detected and categorized from HMI observations, and the internetwork features are identified from SOT/SP observations. The total flux from these magnetic features reaches 5.9×1022 Mx during solar minimum and 2.4 × 1023 Mx in solar maximum. Flux occupation from the sunspot/pore region is 29% in solar maximum. Enhanced and quiet networks contribute 18% and 21% flux during the solar minimum, and 50% and 9% flux in the solar maximum respectively. The internetwork field contributes over 55% of flux in the solar minimum, and its flux contribution exceeds that of sunspot/pore features in the solar maximum. During the solar active condition, the sunspot field increases its area but maintains the flux density of about 150 G, while the enhanced network follows the sunspot number variation showing increasing flux density and area, but the quiet network displays decreasing area and somewhat increasing flux density of about 6%. The origin of the quiet network is not known exactly, but is suggestive of representing the interplay between mean-field and local dynamos. The source, magnitude and possible importance of ‘hidden flux’ are discussed in some detail.


Keywords Sun: magnetic fields — Sun: dynamo — Sun: photosphere — sunspots

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