Vol 19, No 4

Optimal subreflector position determination of shaped dual-reflector antennas based on the parameters iteration approach

Bin-Bin Xiang, Cong-Si Wang, Pei-Yuan Lian, Na Wang, You Ban


Abstract A new method based on the parameters iteration technique has been developed to determine the optimal subreflector position for shaped Cassegrain antennas, that are distorted by gravity, to improve their electromagnetic (EM) performance. Both the features of shaped surface and the relationship between optical path difference (OPD) and far field beam pattern are employed. By describing the shaped dual-reflector surface as a standard discrete parabola set, we can utilize the optical features of the standard Cassegrain system in the classical OPD relationship. Then, the actual far field beam pattern is expressed as the synthesis of ideal beam and error beam by decomposing subreflector adjustment parameters using a mechanical-electromagnetic-field-coupling-model (MEFCM). Furthermore, a numerical method for determining optimal subreflector position is presented. The proposed method is based on the iteration technique of subreflector adjustment parameters, and the optimal far field pattern is used for the iteration. The numerical solution of optimal adjustment parameters can be obtained rapidly. Results for a 25 m shaped Cassegrain antenna demonstrate that the adjustment of the subreflector to the optimal position as determined by the proposed method can improve the EM performance effectively.


Keywords methods: analytical — methods: numerical — telescope — techniques: radar astronomy

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