Vol 19, No 3

Unifying neutron star sub-populations in the supernova fallback accretion model

Bai-Sheng Liu, Xiang-Dong Li


Abstract We employ the supernova fallback disk model to simulate the spin evolution of isolated young neutron stars (NSs). We consider the submergence of the NS magnetic fields during the supercritical accretion stage and its succeeding reemergence. It is shown that the evolution of the spin periods and the magnetic fields in this model is able to account for the relatively weak magnetic fields of central compact objects and the measured braking indices of young pulsars. For a range of initial parameters, evolutionary links can be established among various kinds of NS sub-populations including magnetars, central compact objects and young pulsars. Thus, the diversity of young NSs could be unified in the framework of the supernova fallback accretion model.


Keywords accretion, accretion disks — stars: neutron, evolution, rotation, magnetic field, magnetars — pulsars: general

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