Vol 19, No 12

Calibration of X-ray telescope prototypes at PANTER

Ying-Yu Liao, Zheng-Xiang Shen, Jun Yu, Qiu-Shi Huang, Bin Ma, Zhong Zhang, Xiao-Qiang Wang, Kun Wang, Chun Xie, Vadim Burwitz, Gisela Hartner, Marlis-Madeleine La Caria, Carlo Pelliciari, Zhan-Shan Wang


Abstract We report on a ground X-ray calibration of two X-ray telescope prototypes at the PANTER X-ray Test Facility, operated by the Max-Planck-Institute for Extraterrestrial Physics, in Neuried, Germany. The X-ray telescope prototypes were developed by the Institute of Precision Optical Engineering (IPOE) of Tongji University, in a conical Wolter-I configuration, using thermal glass slumping technology. Prototype #1 with three layers and Prototype #2 with 21 layers were tested to assess the prototypes’ on-axis imaging performance. The measurement of Prototype #1 indicates a Half Power Diameter (HPD) of 82′′ at 1.49 keV. As for Prototype #2, we performed more comprehensive measurements of on-axis angular resolution and effective area at several energies ranging from 0.5–10 keV. The HPD and effective area are 111 ′′ and 39 cm 2 at 1.49 keV, respectively, at which energy the on-axis performance of the prototypes is our greatest concern.


Keywords X-ray telescopes — thermal slumping technology — X-ray calibration — PANTER

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