Special issue for ASO-S

Design of the Full-disk MagnetoGraph (FMG) onboard the ASO-S

Yuan-Yong Deng, Hai-Ying Zhang, Jian-Feng Yang, Fu Li, Jia-Ben Lin, Jun-Feng Hou, Zhen Wu, Qian Song, Wei Duan, Xian-Yong Bai, Dong-Guang Wang, Juan Lv, Wei Ge, Jia-Ning Wang, Zhao-Ying Zheng, Chen-Jie Wang, Nan-Ge Wang, Hou-Kun Ni, Yi-Zhong Zeng, Yang Zhang, Xiao Yang, Ying-Zi Sun, Zhi-Yong Zhang, Xiao-Fan Wang


Abstract The Full-disk MagnetoGraph (FMG), a payload onboard the Advanced Space Solar Observatory (ASO-S), will measure the vector magnetic field in the photosphere. The instrument consists of a front-window filter, a telescope, an LCVR polarimeter, an image-stabilization system, a seven-stage tunable Lyot filter, a CMOS camera with 4096×4096 pixels and a pair of calibration/focus wheels. In this paper, we describe the design of the FMG instrument and provide a summary of test observations carried out with the FMG prototype.


Keywords Sun: magnetic fields — space vehicles: instruments — methods: observational — techniques: polarimetric

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