Special issue for ASO-S

Hard X-ray Imager (HXI) onboard the ASO-S mission

Zhe Zhang, Deng-Yi Chen, Jian Wu, Jin Chang, Yi-Ming Hu, Yang Su, Yan Zhang, Jian-Ping Wang, Yao-Ming Liang, Tao Ma, Jian-Hua Guo, Ming-Sheng Cai, Yong-Qiang Zhang, Yong-Yi Huang, Xiao-Yan Peng, Zong-Bin Tang, Xuan Zhao, Hong-He Zhou, Lian-Guo Wang, Jing-Xing Song, Miao Ma, Guang-Zhou Xu, Jian-Feng Yang, Di Lu, Ying-Hong He, Jin-You Tao, Xiao-Long Ma, Bao-Gang Lv, Yan-Ping Bai, Cai-Xia Cao, Yu Huang, Wei-Qun Gan


Abstract Hard X-ray Imager (HXI) is one of the three scientific instruments onboard the Advanced Space-based Solar Observatory (ASO-S) mission, which is proposed for the 25th solar maximum by the Chinese solar community. HXI is designed to investigate the non-thermal high-energy electrons accelerated in solar flares by providing images of solar flaring regions in the energy range from 30 keV to 200 keV. The imaging principle of HXI is based on spatially modulated Fourier synthesis and utilizes about 91 sets of bi-grid sub-collimators and corresponding LaBr 3 detectors to obtain Fourier components with a spatial resolution of about 3 arcsec and a time resolution better than 0.5 s. An engineering prototype has been developed and tested to verify the feasibility of design. In this paper, we present background, instrument design and the development and test status of the prototype.


Keywords instrumentation: detectors — space vehicles: instruments — Sun: X-ray — techniques: imaging spectroscopy

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