Special issue for ASO-S

The Science Operations and Data Center (SODC) of the ASO-S mission

Yu Huang, Hui Li, Wei-Qun Gan, You-Ping Li, Jiang-Tao Su, Yuan-Yong Deng, Li Feng, Yang Su, Wei Chen, Shi-Jun Lei, Ying Li, Yun-Yi Ge, Ying-Na Su, Si-Ming Liu, Jing-Jing Zang, Zun-Lei Xu, Xian-Yong Bai, Jing-Wei Li


Abstract A ground data analysis center is very important to the success of a mission. We introduce the Science Operations and Data Center (SODC) for the ASO-S mission, which consists of a scientific operation subcenter, a data management subcenter, a data analysis subcenter and a user service subcenter. The mission planning process, instrument observation modes and the data volume are presented. We describe the data flow and processing procedures from spacecraft telemetry to high-level science data, and the long-term archival as well. The data policy and distributions are also briefly introduced.


Keywords space vehicles: instruments — methods: data analysis — techniques: image processing

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