Special issue for ASO-S

Chinese Hα Solar Explorer (CHASE) – a complementary space mission to the ASO-S

Chuan Li, Cheng Fang, Zhen Li, Ming-De Ding, Peng-Fei Chen, Zhe Chen, Liang-Kui Lin, Chang-Zheng Chen, Chang-Ya Chen, Hong-Jiang Tao, Wei You, Qi Hao, Yu Dai, Xin Cheng, Yang Guo, Jie Hong, Min-Jie An, Wei-Qiang Cheng, Jian-Xin Chen, Wei Wang, Wei Zhang


Abstract The Chinese Hα Solar Explorer (CHASE) is designed to test a newly developed satellite platform and conduct solar observations. The scientific payload of the satellite is an Hα imaging spectrograph (HIS), which can, for the first time, acquire full-disk spectroscopic solar observations in the Hα waveband. This paper briefly introduces CHASE/HIS including its scientific objectives, technical parameters, scientific application system, etc. The CHASE mission is scheduled to launch in 2021. It will complement the observations by on-orbit solar spacecraft (such as SDO, IRIS, STEREO and PSP), as well as future solar missions of the Solar Orbiter and Advanced Space-based Solar Observatory (ASO-S).


Keywords instrumentation: spectrographs — Sun: atmosphere — Sun: activity

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