Special issue for ASO-S

Lyα science from the LST aboard the ASO-S mission

Angelos Vourlidas


Abstract We review the status of solar Lyα science in anticipation of the upcoming Advanced Space-based Solar Observatory (ASO-S) mission, planned for a late 2021 (or 2022) launch. The mission carries a pair of the Lyα Solar Telescopes (LST) capable of high resolution disk and off-limb imaging, which will provide the first synoptic Lyα imaging observations of the solar atmosphere. We discuss the history of Lyα imaging and latest results, and outline the open questions that ASO-S could address. ASO-S will launch at an optimal time for Lyα science. Several other Lyα telescopes will be in operation. We identify the synergies between ASO-S and other missions as well as serendipitous non-solar science opportunities. We conclude that ASO-S has the potential for breakthrough observations and discoveries in the chromosphere-corona interface where the Lyα emission is the major player.


Keywords Sun: atmosphere — Sun: corona — Sun: UV radiation — Sun: activity — telescopes

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