Vol 19, No 1

Test area of the SAGE survey

Jie Zheng, Gang Zhao, Zhou Fan, Wei Wang, Ke-Feng Tan, Chun Li, Fang Zuo


Abstract Sky surveys represent one of the most important efforts to improve developments in astrophysics, especially when using new photometric bands. We are performing the Stellar Abundance and Galactic Evolution (SAGE) survey with a self-designed SAGE photometric system, which is composed of eight photometric bands. The project mainly aims to study the stellar atmospheric parameters of ∼0.5 billion stars in ∼12 000 deg2 of the northern sky, which mainly focuses on Galactic astronomy, as well as some aspects of extragalactic astronomy. This work introduces the detailed data reduction process of the test field NGC 6791, including the data reduction of single-exposure images and stacked multi-exposure images, and properties of the final catalog.


Keywords methods: observational, techniques: photometric, surveys, astrometry, catalogs

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