Vol 19, No 1

Climatological analysis of the seeing at Fuxian Solar Observatory

Li-Hui Chen, Zhong Liu, Dong Chen


Abstract There is a significant seasonal variation in the seeing of Fuxian Solar Observatory (FSO). The seeing in summer and autumn is better than that in winter and spring. The overall seeing is divided into the boundary layer seeing and free atmosphere seeing to investigate the climatic phenomena or meteorological events that might lead to seasonal variation in the seeing. The overall seeing was measured by the solar difference image motion monitor (SDIMM). The boundary layer seeing is calculated from the temperature difference between air and water. The analysis results show that the seasonal variation in seeing is caused by the alternation of subtropical high and westerly jet. The decrease of seeing in winter and spring at FSO is probably related to the westerly jet. A complete analysis of the seeing at FSO is given in this paper. It is also the first time to describe FSO’s boundary layer seeing and its measurement method.


Keywords observational — high angular resolution — turbulence — site testing

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