Vol 16, No 6

A substorm-associated enhancement in the XUV radiation measuring channel observed by ESP/EVE/SDO

Yan Yan, Hua-Ning Wang, Chao Shen, Zhan-Le Du


Abstract Comparing the ESP/EVE/SDO flux data of 2011 Feb 6, with the counterparts of XRS/GOES and SEM/SOHO, we find that there is an enhancement that is not apparent in the two latter datasets. The enhancement, possibly regarded as a flare at first glimpse, nevertheless, does not involve an energy-release from the Sun. Based on the enhancement, we combine data from SXI/GOES 15 into a synthesized analysis, and concluded that it arises from a particle-associated enhancement in the channel that measures XUV radiation. Paradoxically, it seems to be somewhat of a particle-avalanching process. Prior to the event, a moderate geomagnetic storm took place. Subsequently, while the event is proceeding, a geomagnetic substorm is simultaneously observed. Therefore, the particles, though unidentified, are probably energetic electrons induced by substorm injection.


Keywords Sun: X-rays, gamma rays — Sun: flares — Sun: solar-terrestrial relations

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