Vol 16, No 6

Rescuing the intracluster medium of NGC 5813

Noam Soker, Shlomi Hillel, Assaf Sternberg


Abstract We use recent X-ray observations of the intracluster medium (ICM) of the galaxy group NGC 5813 to confront theoretical studies of ICM thermal evolution with the newly derived ICM properties. We argue that the ICM of the cooling flow in the galaxy group NGC 5813 is more likely to be heated by mixing of post-shock gas from jets residing in hot bubbles with the ICM, than by shocks or turbulent-heating. Shocks thermalize only a small fraction of their energy in the inner regions of the cooling flow; in order to adequately heat the inner part of the ICM, they would overheat the outer regions by a large factor, leading to its ejection from the group. Heating by mixing, which was found to be much more efficient than turbulent-heating and shocks-heating, hence, rescues the outer ICM of NGC 5813 from its predestined fate according to cooling flow feedback scenarios that are based on heating by shocks.


Keywords galaxies: active — galaxies: clusters: general — galaxies: groups: individual (NGC 5813) — galaxies: jets

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