Vol 15, No 7

Near-infrared studies of nova V5584 Sgr in the pre-maximum and early decline phase

Ashish Raj, D. P. K. Banerjee, N. M. Ashok, Sang Chul KIM


Abstract We present near-infrared spectroscopic and photometric observations of nova V5584 Sgr taken during the first 12 d following its discovery on Oct. 26.439 UT 2009. The evolution of the spectra is shown from the initial P Cygni phase to an emission line phase. The prominent carbon lines seen in the JHK spectra closely match those observed in an Fe II class nova outburst. The spectra show first-overtone CO bands in emission between 2.29–2.40 μm. By examining WISE and other publicly available data, we show that the nova underwent a pronounced dust formation phase between February - April 2010.


Keywords line: identification — techniques: spectroscopic — stars: individual (V5584 Sgr) — novae cataclysmic variables

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