Vol 15, No 7

Development of technique to detect and classify small-scale magnetic flux cancellation and rapid blue-shifted excursions

Xin Chen, Na Deng, Derek A. Lamb, Ju Jing, Chang Liu, Rui Liu, Sung-Hong Park, Hai-Min Wang


Abstract We present a set of tools for detecting small-scale solar magnetic cancellations and the disk counterpart of type II spicules (the so-called Rapid Blueshifted Excursions (RBEs)), using line-of-sight photospheric magnetograms and chromospheric spectroscopic observations, respectively. For tracking magnetic cancellation, we improve the Southwest Automatic Magnetic Identification Suite (SWAMIS) so that it is able to detect certain obscure cancellations that can be easily missed. For detecting RBEs, we use a normalized reference profile to reduce false-positive detections caused by the non-uniform background and seeing condition. Similar to the magnetic feature tracking in SWAMIS, we apply a dual-threshold method to enhance the accuracy of RBE detection. These tools are employed to analyze our coordinated observations using the Interferometric BIdimensional Spectrometer at the Dunn Solar Telescope of the National Solar Observatory and Hinode. We present the statistical properties of magnetic cancellations and RBEs, and explore their correlation using this data set.


Keywords Sun: chromosphere — Sun: magnetic fields

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