Vol 15, No 6

Periodicity of the solar radius revisited by using empirical mode decomposition and the Lomb–Scargle method

Zhi-Ning Qu, Wen Feng, Hong-Fei Liang


Abstract Using the Hilbert–Huang transform and the Lomb–Scargle method, we investigate periodicities in the daily solar radius data during the time interval from February 1978 to October 1999 derived from Calern Observatory. The following prominent periods are found: (1) the rotation cycle signal; (2) several mid-term periods including 122, 162.9 and 225 days, annual-variation periodicities (319 and 359 days), quasi-triennial oscillations (3.46 and 3.94 years); (3) the 11-year Schwabe cycle, which is in anti-phase with solar activity. This result indicates that the strong magnetic field associated with the Sun has a greater inhibitive effect on the radius variation.


Keywords Sun: activity — Sun: solar radius — Sun: photosphere — Sun: data analysis

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