Vol 15, No 5

The relationship between the properties of PAHs and AGN activities in type-I AGNs

Qi-Chen Feng, Jing Wang, Hua-Li Li, Jian-Yan Wei


Abstract In order to explore the relationship between properties of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAHs) and AGN activities in Type-I AGNs, we compiled a sample of 47 Type-I AGNs with measured PAH 11.3 μm and 7.7 μm emission lines. The PAH emission and optical properties of these AGNs are taken from the literature. It is found that the equivalent width (EW) of 11.3 μm emission from PAHs shows a weak correlation with the ratio of the EWs of the FeII complex between λ4434 and λ4684 to Hβ (RFe). The PAH 11.3/7.7 ratio is correlated with various elements defined by the first eigenvector space, which are RFe, [OIII]λ5007 luminosity and Hβ asymmetry. These correlations infer that AGNs with high RFe, weak [OIII] emission and a strong Hβ blue-wing are likely to have low PAH ionization, and hence a larger amount of neutral PAHs.


Keywords infrared: ISM — quasars: emission lines — galaxies: active — galaxies: evolution — methods: statistical

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