Vol 15, No 5

Singlet pairing gaps of neutrons and protons in hyperonic neutron stars

Yan Xu, Cheng-Zhi Liu, Cun-Bo Fan, Xing-Wei Han, Xiao-Jun Zhang, Ming-Feng Zhu, Hong-Yan Wang, Guang-Zhou Liu


Abstract The 1S0 nucleonic superfluids are investigated within the relativistic mean-field model and Bardeen-Cooper-Schrieffer theory in hyperonic neutron stars. The 1S0 pairing gaps of neutrons and protons are calculated based on the Reid soft-core interaction as the nucleon-nucleon interaction. In particular, we have studied the influence of degrees of freedom for hyperons on the 1S0 nucleonic pairing gap in neutron star matter. It is found that the appearance of hyperons has little impact on the baryonic density range and the size of the 1S0 neutronic pairing gap; the 1S0 protonic pairing gap also decreases slightly in this region where ρB = 0.0–0.393 fm−3. However, if baryonic density becomes greater than 0.393 fm−3, the 1S0 protonic pairing gap obviously increases. In addition, the possible range for a protonic superfluid is obviously enlarged due to the presence of hyperons. In our results, the hyperons change the 1S0 protonic pairing gap, which must change the cooling properties of neutron stars.


Keywords dense matter — (stars:) pulsars: general — equation of state

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