Vol 15, No 5

Variable stars in the open cluster NGC 2141

Yang-Ping Luo


Abstract We report the results of a search for variable stars in the open cluster NGC 2141. Ten variable stars are detected, among which nine are new variable stars and they are classified as three short-period W UMa-type eclipsing binaries, two EA-type eclipsing binaries, one EB-type eclipsing binary, one very short-period RS CVn-type eclipsing binary, one d-type RR Lyrae variable star, and one unknown type of variable star. The membership and physical properties are discussed, based on their light curves, positions in the color magnitude diagrams, spatial locations and periods. A known EB-type eclipsing binary is also identified as a blue straggler candidate in the cluster. Furthermore, we find that all eclipsing contact binaries have prominent asymmetric eclipses and display the O’Connell effect, which increases with a decrease in orbital periods. This suggests that the O’Connell effect is probably related to the evolution of the orbital period in short period eclipsing binary systems.


Keywords stars: binaries: general — open clusters and associations: individual (NGC 2141) — variables: general

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