Vol 15, No 3

New statistical results on the optical IDV data of BL Lac S5 0716+714

Bogdan Dănilă, Alexandru Marcu, Gabriela Raluca Mocanu


Abstract This paper reports on the statistical behavior of the optical Intraday Variability of BL Lac S5 0716+714. Available Intraday Variability data in the optical are tested to see whether or not the magnitude is lognormally distributed. Our results consistently indicate that this is not the case. This is in agreement with a previous discussion about data for the same object but in a different observational period. Simultaneously, the spectral slope of the light curves is calculated. The implications of these findings on models that describe both the location and source of Intraday Variability are presented.


Keywords radiation mechanisms: non-thermal — BL Lacertae objects: individual: S5 0716+714

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