Vol 15, No 3

Sensitivity function analysis of gravitational wave detection with single-laser and large-momentum-transfer atomic sensors

Biao Tang, Bao-Cheng Zhang, Lin Zhou, Jin Wang, Ming-Sheng Zhan


Abstract Recently, a configuration using atomic interferometers (AIs) had been suggested for the detection of gravitational waves. A new AI with some additional laser pulses for implementing large momentum transfer was also put forward, in order to reduce the effect of shot noise and laser frequency noise. We use a sensitivity function to analyze all possible configurations of the new AI and to distinguish how many momenta are transferred in a specific configuration. By analyzing the new configuration, we further explore a detection scheme for gravitational waves, in particular, that ameliorates laser frequency noise. We find that the amelioration occurs in such a scheme, but novelly, in some cases, the frequency noise can be canceled completely by using a proper data processing method.


Keywords gravitational wave detection — atomic interferometer — laser frequency noise

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