Vol 15, No 2

Searching for α variation and cosmic acceleration in the generalized BSBM theory with tachyonic potential

Hossein Farajollahi, Fatemeh Tayebi


Abstract We consider the BSBM (Bekenstein, Sandvik, Barrow and Magueijo) cosmological model in the presence of tachyon potential with the aim of studying the stability of the model and test it against observations. The phase space analysis shows that from fourteen critical points that represent the state of the universe, only one is stable. With a small perturbation, the universe transits from a state of unstable deceleration to stable acceleration. The stability analysis combined with the best fitting process imposes constraints on the cosmological parameters that are in agreement with observation. In the BSBM theory, the variation of fundamental constants is driven from variation of a scalar field. The tachyonic scalar field, responsible for both variation of fundamental constants and universal acceleration, is reconstructed.


Keywords cosmology: theory — cosmology: observations— cosmological parameters

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