Vol 15, No 2

Dynamics and collisions of episodic jets from black holes and accretion disk systems

Ying Meng, Jun Lin, Feng Yuan


Abstract In many astrophysical black hole systems, episodic jets of plasma blobs have been observed, which are much faster and more powerful than continuous jets. A magnetohydrodynamical model was proposed by Yuan et al. to study the formation of episodic jets in Sgr A*. By taking Sgr A* and a stellar mass black hole as examples, we modify the model of Yuan et al. by including the effects of relativity, and further study the relativistic motion and expansion of episodic jets of plasma blobs. Then we study the collision between two consecutive ejections in the modified model, and calculate the magnetic energy released in the collision. Our results show two consecutive blobs can collide with each other, and the released magnetic energy is more than 10 50 erg, which supports the idea that a gamma-ray burst is powered by the collision of episodic jets, as suggested by Yuan & Zhang.


Keywords accretion, accretion disks — black hole physics — magnetohydrody- namics (MHD) — ISM: jets and outflows — gamma-ray bursts: general

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