Vol 15, No 2

Relativistic algorithm for time transfer in Mars missions under IAU Resolutions: an analytic approach

Jun-Yang Pan, Yi Xie


Abstract With tremendous advances in modern techniques, Einstein’s general relativity has become an inevitable part of deep space missions. We investigate the relativistic algorithm for time transfer between the proper time τ of the onboard clock and the Geocentric Coordinate Time, which extends some previous works by including the effects of propagation of electromagnetic signals. In order to evaluate the implicit algebraic equations and integrals in the model, we take an analytic approach to work out their approximate values. This analytic model might be used in an onboard computer because of its limited capability to perform calculations. Taking an orbiter like Yinghuo-1 as an example, we find that the contributions of the Sun, the ground station and the spacecraft dominate the outcomes of the relativistic corrections to the model.


Keywords reference systems — time — method: analytical — space vehicles

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