Vol 15, No 11

SN 1054: A pulsar-powered supernova?

Shao-Ze Li, Yun-Wei Yu, Yan Huang


Abstract The famous ancient supernova SN 1054 could have been too bright to be explained in the “standard” radioactive-powered supernova scenario. As an alternative attempt, we demonstrate that the spin-down of the newly born Crab pulsar could provide a sufficient energy supply to make SN 1054 visible at daytime for 23 days and at night for 653 days, where a one-zone semi-analytical model is employed. Our results indicate that SN 1054 could be a “normal” cousin of magnetar-powered superluminous supernovae. Therefore, SN 1054-like supernovae could be a probe to uncover the properties of newly born neutron stars, which provide initial conditions for studies on neutron star evolutions.


Keywords supernovae: individual (SN 1054) — pulsars: general — radiation mech- anisms: general

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