Vol 15, No 11

H∞ controller design for a 4-meter direct-drive azimuth axis

Li-Yan Chen, Zhen-Chao Zhang, Xiao-Li Song, Da-Xing Wang


Abstract To pursue a higher imaging resolution for exploring more details in the information conveyed by the Universe, the next generation of optical telescopes based on a direct drive widely employ the extremely large aperture structure, which also introduces more disturbances and uncertain factors to the control system. Facing this new challenge, the PID control method in main-axis control systems of traditional astronomical telescopes cannot suffice for the requirement of the tracking precision and disturbance sensitivity in angular velocity. To overcome this shortcoming, we establish a dynamic model and propose an H∞ controller for a 4-meter azimuth direct drive control system that consists of a revolving platform (azimuth axis), a three-phase torque motor, a motor drive, an encoder, a data acquisition card and a small computers. Simulations are carried out to analyze the model and guide the real experiments. Experimental results show that the proposed H∞ controller reduces the tracking error by a maximum of 80.69% (average 57.8%) and the disturbance sensitivity by a maximum of 82.3% (average 50.96%) compared with the traditional tuned PI controller; furthermore, the order of the model describing the proposed controller can be reduced to three, thus its feasibility in real systems is guaranteed.


Keywords H∞ control — direct-drive telescope — PMSM — disturbance rejection

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