Vol 15, No 10

Binary population synthesis for the core-degenerate scenario of type Ia supernova progenitors

Wei-Hong Zhou, Bo Wang, Xiang-Cun Meng, Dong-Dong Liu, Gang Zhao


Abstract The core-degenerate (CD) scenario has been suggested to be a possible progenitor model of type Ia supernovae (SNe Ia), in which a carbon-oxygen white dwarf merges with the hot CO core of a massive asymptotic giant branch star during their common-envelope phase. However, the SN Ia birthrates for this scenario are still uncertain. We conducted a detailed investigation into the CD scenario and then gave the birthrates for this scenario using a detailed Monte Carlo binary population synthesis approach. We found that the delay times of SNe Ia from this scenario are ~70 Myr−1400 Myr, which means that the CD scenario contributes to young SN Ia populations. The Galactic SN Ia birthrates for this scenario are in the range of ~7.4×10−5 yr−1 – 3.7 × 10−4 yr−1, which roughly accounts for ~2%–10% of all SNe Ia. This indicates that, under the assumptions made here, the CD scenario only contributes a small portion of all SNe Ia, which is not consistent with the results of Ilkov & Soker.


Keywords binaries: close — stars: evolution — supernovae: general

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