Vol 15, No 1

Contribution of dust produced by binary merger ejecta

Zhao-Jun Wang, Chun-Hua Zhu, Guo-Liang Lü


Abstract By means of a population synthesis code and by constructing a simple toy model of dust produced by asymptotic giant branch (AGB) stars, common envelope (CE) ejecta and binary merger ejecta, we estimate the dust product rates (DPRs) of these processes in the Milky Way. The total DPR from AGB stars is ~ 6.7 × 10−4M⊙ yr−1, in which about 73% of dust grains are carbon, 24% are silicates and 3% are iron. The total DPR from CE ejecta is ~ 4.2 × 10−4M⊙ yr−1, in which about 83% of dust grains are silicates, about 12% are carbon and 5% are iron. The DPR from binary merger ejecta is less than 1/3 that from AGB stars or CE ejecta, and it could even be negligible under certain circumstances. Therefore, compared with AGB stars and CE ejecta, the contribution of dust produced by binary merger ejecta to total dust grains in the Milky Way is smaller or can be negligible.


Keywords binaries: close — stars: evolution — circumstellar matter — dust

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