Vol 15, No 1

Long-term transit timing monitoring and homogenous study of WASP-32

Lei-Lei Sun, Sheng-Hong Gu, Xiao-Bin Wang, Andrew Collier Cameron, Dong-Tao Cao, Yi-Bo Wang, Yue Xiang, Ho-Keung Hui, Chi-Tai Kwok, Bill Yeung, Kam-Cheung Leung


Abstract We report new photometric observations of the transiting exoplanetary system WASP-32 made by using CCD cameras at Yunnan Observatories and Ho Koon Nature Education cum Astronomical Centre, China from 2010 to 2012. Following our usual procedure, the observed data are corrected for systematic errors according to the coarse decorrelation and SYSREM algorithms so as to enhance the signal of the transit events. Combined with radial velocity data presented in the literature, our newly observed data and earlier photometric data in the literature are simultaneously analyzed to derive the physical parameters describing the system by employing the Markov chain Monte Carlo technique. The derived parameters are consistent with the result published in the original paper about WASP-32b, but the uncertainties of the new parameters are smaller than those in the original paper. Moreover, our modeling result supports a circular orbit for WASP-32b. Through the analysis of all available mid-transit times, we have refined the orbital period of WASP-32b; no evident transit timing variation is found in these transit events.


Keywords techniques: photometric — transiting exoplanetary system — individual: WASP-32

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