Mini-Volume: LAMOST Experiment for Galactic Understanding and Exploration

IPS observation system for the Miyun 50 m radio telescope and its commissioning observation

Xin-Ying Zhu, Xi-Zhen Zhang, Hong-Bo Zhang, De-Qing Kong, Hui-Peng Qu


Abstract Ground-based observation of Interplanetary Scintillation (IPS) is an important approach for monitoring solar wind. A ground-based IPS observation system has been newly implemented on a 50 m radio telescope at Miyun station, managed by the National Astronomical Observatories, Chinese Academy of Sciences. This observation system has been constructed for the purpose of observing solar wind speed and the associated scintillation index by using the normalized cross-spectrum of a simultaneous dual-frequency IPS measurement. The system consists of a universal dual-frequency front-end and a dual-channel multi-function back-end specially designed for IPS. After careful calibration and testing, IPS observations on source 3C 273B and 3C 279 have been successfully carried out. The preliminary observation results show that this newly-developed observation system is capable of performing IPS observation. The system’s sensitivity for IPS observation can reach over 0.3 Jy in terms of an IPS polarization correlator with 4 MHz bandwidth and 2 s integration time.


Keywords instrument — interplanetary scintillation — telescope — radio astronomy

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