The supernova remnant CTB 37B and its associated magnetar CXOU J171405.7–381031: evidence for a magnetar-driven remnant

J. E. Horvath, M. P. Allen


Abstract We discuss the association between the candidate magnetar CXOU J171405.7–381031 and the supernova remnant CTB 37B. The recent detection of the period derivative of the object allowed an estimation of a young characteristic age of only ~ 1000 yr. This value is too small to be compatible even with the minimum radius of the remnant being ≥ 10 pc, the value corresponding to the lower limit of the estimated distance of 10.2 ± 3.5 kpc, unless the true distance happens to be even smaller than the lower limit. We argue that a consistent scenario for the remnant’s origin, in which the latter is powered by the energy injected by a young magnetar, is indeed more accurate to explain the young age, and demonstrates its non-standard (i.e. magnetar-driven) nature.


Keywords stars: supernova — stars: neutron

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