Vol 11, No 4

Relations between integrated and monochromatic luminosities of flat-spectrum radio quasars

Zhi-Fu Chen, Zhao-Yu Chen, Yi-Ping Qin, Min-Feng Gu, Lian-Zhong Lü, Cheng-Yue Su, You-Bing Li, Ye Chen


Abstract We employ a sample of 362 flat-spectrum radio quasars (FSRQs) to calcu late their integrated luminosities by integrating the spectral energy distribution (SED) constructed with multi-band (radio, IR, optical, UV and X-ray) data. We compare these luminosities with those estimated from monochromatic luminosities by multi plying them by the conventional bolometric correction factors. Our analysis shows that the integrated luminosities calculated from the SED are much larger than the bolometric luminosities estimated from monochromatic luminosities. Their departing behavior tightly correlates with radio luminosities. The relations between integrated and monochromatic luminosities are explored, which are regarded as empirical relations that might be more suitable to be applied to estimate integrated luminosities of FSRQs from their monochromatic luminosities.


Keywords methods: statistical — galaxies: active — galaxies: jets

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