Vol 11, No 4

The multiwavelength emission from the gamma-ray binary LS I + 61 303

Jian-Fu Zhang, Ya Zhu, Li Zhang


Abstract This paper presents a hadronic dominated jet model to investigate multi- wavelength emission from the microquasar LS I + 61 303. In this scenario, we take into account evolutions of the primary particles and secondary e± pairs; these pairs are produced by the collisional interactions of the accelerated protons with the cold jet protons and the stellar wind ions. In this model, the non-thermal photons are produced by π0 decay emission, synchrotron and inverse Compton scattering processes from the primary electrons and secondary pairs, and relativistic bremsstrahlung emission from the secondary leptonic pairs. Based on this model framework, we show that the spectral energy distributions can be produced by the primary and secondary particles via interactions with the cold matter, and magnetic and stellar radiation fields. We also consider the attenuation of angular dependence γ-γ due to the effects of the stellar target photon fields. The resulting model can approximately reproduce the recent quasi-simultaneous observational data points and the non-simultaneous multi-band observations.


Keywords radiation mechanism: non-thermal — gamma rays: general — X-ray: binaries — stars: individual: LS I + 61 303

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