Vol 11, No 2

First photometric study of the eclipsing binary PS Persei

Jin-Zhao Yuan


Abstract CCD photometric observations of the eclipsing binary PS Persei (PS Per) were obtained on two consecutive days in 2009. The 2003 version of the Wilson-Devinney code was used to analyze the first complete light curves in the V and R bands. It is found that PS Per is a short-period Algol-type binary with the less massive component completely filling its inner critical Roche lobe. The mass ratio of q = 0.518 and the orbital inclination of i = 89.86 are obtained. In addition, based on all available times of primary light minima, including two new ones, the orbital period has been improved.


Keywords stars: binaries: close — stars: binaries: eclipsing — stars: individual: PS Per

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