Vol 11, No 10

Pulse profile stability of the Crab pulsar

Chetana Jain, Biswajit Paul


Abstract We present an X-ray timing analysis of the Crab pulsar, PSR B0531+21, using archival RXTE data.We have investigated the stability of the Crab pulse profile, in soft (2−20 keV) and hard (30−100 keV) X-ray energies, over the last decade of RXTE operation. The analysis includes measurement of the separation between the two pulse peaks and the intensity and widths of the two peaks. We did not find any significant time dependency in the pulse shape. The two peaks have been stable in phase, intensity and width for the last ten years. The first pulse is relatively stronger at soft X-rays. The first pulse peak is narrower than the second peak in both soft and hard X-ray energies. Both the peaks show a slow rise and a steeper fall. The ratio of the pulsed photons in the two peaks is also constant in time.


Keywords pulsars: individual: Crab (PSR B0531+21)— stars: neutron—X-rays

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