Vol 11, No 10

Mutual eclipses of J2 Europa by J1 Io observed at Yunnan Observatory in 2009

Xi-Liang Zhang, Zhong Liu


Abstract Mutual events between natural satellites includemutual occultation andmutual eclipse. Mutual eclipse is another kind of mutual occultation as viewed from the center of the Sun instead of the Earth. Two mutual eclipses of J2 Europa by J1 Io (2009 Aug. 28 and Sept. 12) were observed at Yunnan Observatory during the PHEMU09 international campaign.We will calculate the astrometric data of these Galilean satellites by analyzing and fitting the light curves we obtained. The limb-darkeningwas considered during modeling the light intensity of eclipsed satellites in the penumbra zone, by taking the Lommel-Seeliger scattering law into account. Several dynamical quantities, such as the relative coordinates of the eclipsing satellite from the eclipsed one ∆αcosδ and ∆δ, impact parameter and mid-time corresponding to the impact parameter and the deviations O − C of observed ∆αcosδ and ∆δ relative to ephemerides, were obtained for each event respectively.


Keywords eclipses—kinematics and dynamics-methods—planets and satellites: individual: Galilean satellites

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