Vol 10, No 7

Multi-band optical variability of BL Lac object OQ 530

Bing-Kai Zhang, Ben-Zhong Dai, Li Zhang, Zhen Cao


Abstract Historical optical data are combined on the BL Lac object OQ 530. Verifying the existence of correlations among the flux variations in different bands serves as an important tool to investigate emission processes. To examine the possible existence of a lag between variations in different optical bands from this source, a statistical analysis is performed through the discrete correlation function (DCF) method and the z-transformed discrete correlation function (ZDCF) method. Monte Carlo simulations called "flux redistribution/random subset selection" (FR/RSS) are performed to obtain statistically meaningful values for the cross-correlation time lags and their related uncertainties. The analysis confirms that the variations in different optical light curves are strongly correlated, with zero-lag within the errors. Long term variability of color indexes is also analyzed. The result suggests a strong correlation between color index and brightness. A clear bluer-when-brighter chromatism is found, in the sense that the spectrum steepens as the brightness decreases.


Keywords BL Lacs: general— BL Lacs: individual (OQ 530)

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