Vol 9, No 8

A truncated accretion disk in the galactic black hole candidate source H1743-322

Kandulapati Sriram, Vivek Kumar Agrawal, Arikkala Raghurama Rao


Abstract To investigate the geometry of the accretion disk in the source H1743–322, we have carried out a detailed X-ray temporal and spectral study using RXTE pointed observations. We have selected all data pertaining to the Steep Power Law (SPL) state during the 2003 outburst of this source.We find anti-correlated hard X-ray lags in three of the observations and the changes in the spectral and timing parameters (like the QPO frequency) confirm the idea of a truncated accretion disk in this source. Compiling data from similar observations of other sources, we find a correlation between the fractional change in the QPO frequency and the observed delay.We suggest that these observations indicate a definite size scale in the inner accretion disk (the radius of the truncated disk) and we explain the observed correlation using various disk parameters like Compton cooling time scale, viscous time scale etc..


Keywords accretion, accretion disk—binaries: close—stars: individual (H1743–322) — X-rays: binaries

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