Vol 9, No 7

Brightness temperature for 166 radio sources

Junhui Fan, Yong Huang, Yu-Hai Yuan, Jiang-He Yang, Yi Liu, Jun Tao, Ying Gao, Tong-Xu Hua, Rui-Guang Lin, Jiang-Shui Zhang, Jing-Yi Zhang, Yi-Ping Qin


Abstract Using the database of the University of Michigan Radio Astronomy Observatory (UMRAO) at three radio frequencies (4.8, 8 and 14.5 GHz), we determined the short-term variability timescales for 166 radio sources. The timescales are 0.15 d (2007+777) to 176.17 d (0528–250) with an average timescale of Δt obs = 17.1  16.5 d for the whole sample. The timescales are used to calculate the brightness temperatures, TB. The value of log TB is in the range of log TB = 10.47 to 19.06 K. In addition, we also estimated the boosting factor for the sources. The correlation between the polarization and the Doppler factor is also discussed.


Keywords galaxies: active— BL Lacertae objects: general— galaxies: jets

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