Vol 9, No 7

Injected spectrum for TeV γ-ray emission from the galactic center

Yan-Ping Wang, Ye Lu, Li Chen


Abstract The detection of very high energy γ-ray emission from the Galactic center has been reported by four independent groups. One of these γ-ray sources, the 10 TeV γ-ray radiation reported by HESS, has been suggested as having a hadronic origin when relativistic protons are injected into and interact with the dense ambient gas. Assuming that such relativistic protons required by the hadronic model come from the tidal disruption of a star by the massive black hole of Sgr A*, we explore the spectrum of the relativistic protons. In the calculations, we investigate cases where different types of stars are tidally disrupted by the black hole of Sgr A*, and we consider that different diffusion mechanisms are used for the propagation of protons. The initial energy distribution of the injected spectrum of protons is assumed to follow a power-law with an exponential cut-off, and we derive the different indices of the injected spectra for the tidal disruption of different types of stars. For the best fit to the spectrum of photons detected by HESS, the spectral index of the injected relativistic protons is about 2.05 when a red giant is tidally disrupted by the black hole of Sgr A* and the diffusion mechanism is the Effective Confinement of Protons.


Keywords black hole physics—galaxies: jets — Galaxy: center

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