Vol 9, No 7

Variable stars in the field of open cluster NGC 2126

Shun-Fang Liu, Zhen-Yu Wu, Xiao-Bin Zhang, Jiang-Hua Wu, Jun Ma, Zhao-Ji Jiang, Jian-Sheng Chen, Xu Zhou


Abstract We report the results of a time-series CCD photometric survey of variable stars in the field of open cluster NGC 2126. In about a one square degree field covering the cluster, a total of 21 variable candidates are detected during this survey, of which 16 are newly found. The periods, classifications and spectral types of 14 newly discovered variables are discussed, which consist of six eclipsing binary systems, three pulsating variable stars, three long period variables, one RS CVn star, and one W UMa or δ Scuti star. In addition, there are two variable candidates, the properties of which cannot be determined. By a method based on fitting observed spectral energy distributions of stars with theoretical ones, the membership probabilities and the fundamental parameters of this cluster are determined. As a result, five variables are probably members of NGC 2126. The fundamental parameters of this cluster are determined as: metallicity to be 0.008Z⊙, age log(t) = 8.95, distance modulus (m − M)0 = 10.34 and reddening value E(B − V ) = 0.55 mag.


Keywords open clusters: individual (NGC 2126)— stars: variables (general)— binaries: general

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