Vol 9, No 5

The estimations of four basic parameters for gamma-ray loud blazars

Jun-Hui Fan, Yu-Hai Yuan, Yi Liu, Jing-Yi Zhang, Yi-Ping Qin, Hua Liu, Yong Huang, Jiang-He Yang, Hong-Guang Wang, Jiang-Shui Zhang


Abstract The method used in our previous papers is adopted to estimate four basic parameters (the central black hole mass (M), the boosting factor (or Doppler factor) (δ), the propagation angle (Φ) and the distance along the axis to the site of the γ-ray production (d)) for 59 γ-ray loud blazars (20 BL Lacertae objects and 39 flat spectrum radio quasars). The central black hole masses estimated for this sample are in a range of from 107 M⊙ to 109 M⊙ In the case of black hole mass, there is no clear difference between BL Lacertae objects and flat spectrum radio quasars, which is consistent with the previous results suggesting that the central black hole masses do not play an important role in the evolutionary sequence of blazars


Keywords galaxies: quasars—galaxies: BL Lacertae objects—galaxies: jet—galaxies: nuclei

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