Vol 9, No 5

The causality between the rapid rotation of a sunspot and an X3.4 flare

Xiao-Li Yan, Zhong-Quan Qu, Cheng-Lin Xu, Zhi-Ke Xue, De-Fang Kong


Abstract Using multi-wavelength data of Hinode, the rapid rotation of a sunspot in active region NOAA 10930 is studied in detail. We found extraordinary counterclockwise rotation of the sunspot with positive polarity before an X3.4 flare. From a series of vector magnetograms, it is found that magnetic force lines are highly sheared along the neutral line accompanying the sunspot rotation. Furthermore, it is also found that sheared loops and an inverse S-shaped magnetic loop in the corona formed gradually after the sunspot rotation. The X3.4 flare can be reasonably regarded as a result of this movement. A detailed analysis provides evidence that sunspot rotation leads to magnetic field lines twisting in the photosphere. The twist is then transported into the corona and triggers flares.


Keywords Sun: sunspots— Sun: flares— Sun: magnetic fields

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