Vol 9, No 1

Efficient turbulent compressible convection in the deep stellar atmosphere

Chun-Lin Tian, Li-Cai Deng, Kwing-Lam Chan, Da-Run Xiong


Abstract We report on an application of gas-kinetic BGK scheme to the computation of turbulent compressible convection in the stellar interior. After incorporating the Sub-grid Scale (SGS) turbulence model into the BGK scheme, we tested the effects of numerical parameters on the quantitative relationships among the thermodynamic variables, their fluctuations and correlations in a very deep, initially gravity-stratified stellar atmosphere. Comparison indicates that the thermal properties and dynamic properties are dominated by different aspects of numerical models separately. An adjustable Deardorff constant in the SGS model cμ = 0.25 and an amplitude of artificial viscosity in the gas-kinetic BGK scheme C2 = 0 are appropriate for the current study. We also calculated the density-weighted auto- and cross-correlation functions in Xiong's turbulent stellar convection theory based on which the gradient type of models of the non-local transport and the anisotropy of the turbulence were preliminarily studied. No universal relations or constant parameters were found for these models.


Keywords convection— hydrodynamic— turbulence— method: numerical— stars: atmosphere

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