Vol 8, No 4

First Mapping Observations of Two Possible Cloud Collision Candidates IRAS 02459+6029 and 05363+3127

Bei Xin, Jun-Jie Wang


Abstract The first mapping observations of the cold infrared sources IRAS 02459+6029 and 05363+3127 in the molecular lines 12CO(1–0), 13CO(1–0) and C18O(1–0) were made using the 13.7 m millimeter wave telescope in Qinghai. Both the integrated intensity maps and position-velocity diagrams show that each has two components adjacent in both space and velocity which means possible cloud-cloud collisions in the two regions. The near-infrared color-color diagram from the 2MASS database reveals that the density of YSOs in the colliding site is much higher than in the surrounding regions. The results appear to indicate that star forming activities have taken place in the two regions due to the cloud-cloud collision. We conclude that both sources are cloud collision candidates.



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