Vol 8, No 2

Variability Study of the SX Phoenicis Star BL Camelopardalis

Jian-Ning Fu, Chao Zhang, Kanokwan Marak, Chayan Boonyarak, Pongsak Khokhuntod, Shi-Yang Jiang


Abstract New time-series photometric observations of BL Cam in the V band and white light were made during 2005 to 2007 at the Xinglong Station of China. The frequency analysis confirms two closely separated frequencies, 25.181 d−1 and 25.571 d−1, but the frequency of 31–32 d−1 reported in the literature was not detected in the new data. New times of maximum light were determined from both our light curves and those available on Internet, allowing a more comprehensive study of the O−C diagram, together with the times of maximum light in the literature. A new interpretation, including the period increasing before 1988 and decreasing since 1992 of BL Cam and the light-time effect in a binary system, looks plausible.



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