Vol 8, No 1

Model-Synthesized Rate of Type Ia Supernovae and its Influence on the Chemical Enrichment of the ISM

Wen Guo, Feng-Hui Zhang, Xiang-Cun Meng, Zhong-Mu Li, Zhan-Wen Han


Abstract Using Hurley's rapid binary stellar evolution code, we have studied the model-synthesized rate of Type Ia Supernovae (SNe Ia) and its influence on the chemical enrichment of the interstellar medium ejected by stellar populations. We adopt two popular scenarios, i.e., single degenerate scenario (SD) and double degenerate scenario (DD), for the progenitors of SNe Ia to calculate the rates of SNe Ia. Rates calculated in this work agree with that of Hachisu et al. and Han & Podsiadlowski, but are different from that usually adopted in chemical evolution models of galaxies. We apply the rates of SNe Ia to the chemical enrichment (especially Fe enrichment), then compare the results with previous studies. As known SNe Ia slightly affect the enrichment of C, N, O and Mg elements, while significantly affect the enrichment of Fe. We find that the occurrence and the value of the Fe enrichment in our models are earlier and smaller than that commonly adopted in chemical evolution models. We also study the evolution of [Mg/Fe] ratios, which are almost reciprocals of the Fe enrichment. The study may provide constraints on the free parameters of chemical evolution models of galaxies and evolutionary population synthesis.



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