Vol 7, No 6

Variable Star Status of Two Stars: V204 and I-I-39 in M3

Bao-An Yao


Abstract The star I-I-42 (=vZ1390), a cluster member in M3, located near the red edge of the instability strip of the horizontal branch, was discovered by Roberts and Sandage as a low amplitude variable, it was designated as V204 in the ``second catalogue of variable stars in globular clusters", but its coordinates given in all versions of this catalogue are wrong since 1955. We argue that V204 is indeed a low amplitude HB variable star, located near to the red edge of the instability strip, with a period of 0.74785d and an amplitude of about 0.04 mag in V. We also find that the red cluster member star I-I-39 is a low amplitude variable with a period of 1.16d and amplitude of about 0.03 mag in V which might be pulsating at the second overtone.



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