Vol 7, No 6

Radio Phase-Resolved Spectra of the Conal-Double Pulsar B1133+16

Jian-Ling Chen, Hong-Guang Wang, Wan-Hai Chen, Hui Zhang, Yi Liu


Abstract Based on dividing the profile into a number of absolute phase intervals, the phase-resolved spectra (PHRS) are derived from published time-aligned average profiles at radio frequencies over two decades for the classic conal-double pulsar B1133+16. The relative spectral index, defined as the difference between the spectral indices of a reference and the given arbitrary phase interval, is obtained by power-law fit at each phase interval. The derived phase-resolved spectra show an ``M-like'' shape, of which the leading part and trailing part are approximately symmetrical. The basic feature of the PHRS is that the spectrum first flattens then steepens as the pulse phase sweeps from the profile center to the profile edges. The PHRS provide a coherent explanation of the major features of profile evolution of B1133+16, namely, the pulse width shrinkage with increasing frequency and the frequency evolution of the relative intensity between the leading and trailing conal components, and the bridge emission. The PHRS may be an indicator for emission spectral variation across the pulsar magnetosphere. Possible mapping from PHRS to emission-location-dependent spectral variation is presented, and some intrinsic mechanisms are discussed.



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